Ocean Bottle

Software development

Ocean Bottle is the UK social enterprise tackling ocean-bound plastic by reducing 1,000 plastic bottles from the ocean for each reusable bottle you buy. Ocean Bottle is growing in not usual ways backed up with the most impactful VC companies, such as Katapult Ocean and TD Veen.

What have we done?

Black Beaver’s engineering team developed a 100% code Order Management System that processes all the needed information from their B2B worldwide clients, who choose Ocean Bottle to have fantastic eco-friendly merchandise.

This new custom software centralizes all the valuable information for tracking and managing the Sales and Operation processes. Both teams benefit from it by having a Kanban status board, email automation to clients, the possibility to attach files and tag other coworkers in each order, and more. Of course, an incredible real-time Dashboard for decision-making is on it too.

We deliver the user flow and UX/UI design using Miro and Figma in just 10 days. The software used Laravel and HTML technologies, and we developed it in just 5 weeks. Great teamwork!

Thank you, Ocean Bottle!

Thank you very much to Adam, Morgan, and the Ocean Bottle team for the trust and good vibes during the project!

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