Patagonia Retreats

Webdesign & SEO

Patagonia Retreats is a tourism agency bringing people from all over the world to discover La Patagonia, Argentina.

They provide a bunch of different adventure trips and asked us to develop their international presence.

What have we done?

We’ve designed new wireframes to optimize conversion rate and created a content strategy SEO focused.

We’ve designed more than 70 landing pages for their services and optimized content for multiple languages.

Thanks to our SEO and CRO strategy, the start-up can concentrate its efforts on the growth of its business and the quality of its trips, while gaining new regular customers through its website.

Thank you, Patagonia Retreats!

Thank you, Patagonia Retreats for bringing this awesome project to us. We’re not stopping until you rank first for every keyword containing “Patagonia” !

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