Apruebo App

Growth Marketing Strategy

With centennials co-founders, Apruebo is the dominating educational app on the genZ Argentinian students.

The platform connects teacher with students through an easy to go - on demand option to book lessons, ask questions and put a price for getting the answer, and chatting with other friends of the university inside the app.

What have we done?

We take the vision, mission & values directly from the founder's voices to create a value proposition strong enough to make a skyrocketing Go-To-Market. We use storytelling for growing both organically and in a paid way, choosing Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, and Email marketing as our main channels.
The mentioned strategy led ARGWIRE to have more than 1.200 recurrent clients sending and receiving money each month and average monthly growth of 22% of new users.
Our next steps are to improve the product and the technical resources to process more and more 21st century international payments.

Thank you, Apruebo App!

Thanks, ARGWIRE team, for being so cool and ambitious with the results and working alongside our performance and community teams to lead the best results together. Let's keep on growing!

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