About Us

We help awsome start-ups reach their full potential by providing support in product development, software and marketing strategies.

Created in 2020, BlackBeaver brings together a team of more than 15 people who collaborate together on a wide range of projects.


We know that start-ups have their full potential ahead of them. That’s why we cover their development and marketing needs
from all angles, allowing them to entrust us with everything they deem essential.
Software development

Website development

Applications Native & Hybride

Marketplace development



App Store

Search Engine

Marketing & Prospection

Our team

Evelin Herrera

project Manager

Evelin is in charge of managing our technical team to make sure that customer expectations are always met. She is very passionate about NFT, cryptocurrencies and everything to do with blockchain.

Franco Ammaturo

Sales & Partnerships

Franco will possibly be one of the first people to contact you. He will be in charge of defining your needs and making a work proposal. Be careful, he is a really fun person full of great ideas.

Benjamin Pieruzzini

Sales Manager

Benjamin is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, he is in charge of contacting prospects and making job proposals that meet their needs. On the other, he manages the team’s finances. Another cryptocurrency fanatic with an incredible sense of humor in the team.


Lucio Laria

Project Manager

Lucio is in charge of managing web and marketing projects. 

He is a big fan of SEO, automations and Python, with a business oriented vision. He is the prankster of the team.